Preventing Police Suicide In Amarillo.

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Preventing Police Suicide In Amarillo.

The #CallForBackup Suicide Awareness and Prevention Campaign is built upon the principle that peers are best suited to help one another.  The stigma of seeking help for stress-related issues, and departments’ seeming lack of support, have caused many first responders to continue to suffer needlessly.

Our unique training program helps first responders understand how the stresses of the job impact them mentally, emotionally, physically, behaviorally, and spiritually, and also helps them see how certain skills can make them more resistant to stress and more resilient when a major stressful event occurs.  Most importantly, we teach them how important it is to look out for one another – to be the backup when someone needs it, and to call for backup for themselves when necessary.

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Did you know . . .

. . . we lose more police officers and firefighters to suicide every year than are killed in the line of duty?

. . . the rate of suicidal thinking among paramedics is at least 10 times greater than in the general population?

. . . that dispatchers and corrections officers are at a greater risk for suicide due to stress-related issues?

. . . that the greatest concerns of first responders are the stigma associated with mental health issues and their departments’ seeming lack of support?

Originating as a campaign from Humanizing the Badge, our unique Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program seeks to address those concerns, and to teach emergency services personnel how to help one another – and themselves – deal with the unique stresses of their chosen profession.

If you are struggling, it’s time to Call for Backup!